Management Commands and Possible RedisignΒΆ

2 Databases:
  • Staging (aka Silver)
  • Master (aka Gold)

Instead of two databases

class Protein(models.Model):
    Same as before

class GoldProtein(Protein):
    Nothing actually goes here

Manage Cammonds:

  • Import (Modifies Staging, Reads from Master)
    • Fetches pdb files (like fetch does currently)
      • –fetch-only as an option
    • Stores the selection in the Audit table

    • Dumps Proteins from staging

    • “ProcessPDBTask”

    • Generates a diff (Total, New, Removed) data and stores it in the Audit table

  • Promote (Reads Staging, Modifies Master)
    • Dumps Data
    • Copies Staging into Master
    • Updates Master Audit table